Condom Couture Fashion Show
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Monday 9th of February 2015 11:00:47 AM

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I know I did! After two days of silence, here I am again to write about something interesting for you to read.

In the Alpha Delta Phi house in Cornell (America), 250 people came together to watch the 4th annual Condom Couture Fashion Show. Models wore outfits made out of condoms and each outfit came with a special meaning from the artist and a small message written on a paper. There also was slam poetry, speeches and an a capella-performance. $700 was raised and that money will be donated to the Southern Tier AIDS program.

The event was inspired by Alexander Brown, who also spoke at the event about his personal experience with HIV. " I hope that sharing my status helps everyone see that HIV and AIDS can happen to anyone. The stigma still exists." He made the attending students understand that HIV is a global issue.

The students of this university really seem to be engaged in the subject HIV. Making students tell other students that HIV can happen everywhere is the best way to make them aware of important issues like HIV prevention. I think this is an ideal way to spread the word and to create awareness among the students and, along with that, the rest of humanity.


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