Condom Factory In Taiwan Converted Into A Museum
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 30th of July 2013 12:16:59 PM

I will start by saying that I love the story I am talking about today, as it's about themes I really care about: education, safe sex, re-use, lateral thinking. 

'Fuji condom' is the first condom brand in the Taiwanese market and is about to move its main production center to China. At the same time the administration of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city, is supporting policies against de-industrialization and promoting tourism, so that the old factories’ buildings cannot simply be abandoned but must be converted into something new and useful. This is how and why the Fuji Condom Museum will open its doors on August 22.



The concept of the project is inspiring, it’s the evolution of the sex museums already existing in countries like the Netherlands and Russia - yes, that super-progressive country we always talk about lately. You Qi-Cheng runs Fuji Condom and he seems to be really keen on the work he does. Talking about his production, he says “Just by smelling [a condom], I can tell where it comes from and what its quality is...”  -these are the words of a true professional!



According to You, the museum has the aim to educate people not just on how condoms are produced and how to protect yourself, which could already be enough, but it will also promote love towards your sex partner and this is a keyfactor to consider when your goal is spreading awareness about sex education.



A trip to Taiwan sadly is not in my short distance plans, however I will not forget this project and soon or later I will find a way to see the Fuji Condom Museum with my own eyes. See you soon Taipei!





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