Crowdy Sunday Antwerp
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Monday 19th of September 2011 08:35:56 PM

This Sunday Antwerpen was full of tourists. Italians, Russians, German and Spanish people, attracted by local places of interest, were everywhere in the center! Sure, most of them wanted to go for shopping, but unfortunatelly, most part of shops are closed for the weekend.
We noticed that Belgians are a very sportive nation. Walking in the park, close to the DAA IHAE Center, you can always see a lot of people jogging. Also, most of the locals prefer riding a bicycle to driving a car, which is also healthy. Anyway, they organize a lot of sport events, likethey did this Sunday, which was a car free Sunday. There were competitions in bike polo, racing and karate workshops open to everybody. Central streets were closed for cars and open for bikes, pedestrians and other ecological transport. It was a perfect day for a walk and we had a nice time!
Creetings from crowdy Antwerpen!
Clizia, Alexandra and Ven.

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