Curiosity Is Good, Being Well Informed Is Even Better
Author: Dita Amalia
Friday 26th of June 2015 05:41:11 PM

Today I went to a bazaar in North Jakarta. The bazaar offers apparel and a F&B section and I stayed in the F&B section for hours: I'm the kind of girl who loves to try new things, especially when it comes to food. So little by little I peeked around the F&B section and I ended up buying a lot of food. Not because I was starving to death, but just because I was curious enough to try those foods – in which case nothing can stop me –, so I asked for some recommendations regarding food I didn’t know yet.

Then I realized that people nowadays are full of curiosity to try something that they haven't tried before, for instance regarding sex. And it occurred to me, what if someone has sex and ends up getting infected with HIV because they had unsafe sex? They surely must regret it!


What I'm trying to say is, nothing can stop us trying whatever it is that we want to try, but I believe that most people welcome getting some good advice, just the same as recommendations in the food bazaar. So from now, why don't we give advice instead of telling people to hold back their curiosity, just because they want to try things that we don’t like ourselves? At least they will take it into consideration, which in the end might save their life. Withholding information because you want to push your own beliefs on other people is just wrong- and in some cases more unsafe than the actions you would like to prevent. 
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