DAA students in the Kif-Kif Awards 2011 jury
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Tuesday 8th of November 2011 02:44:30 PM

Last Friday we -representing DAA- were invited to become a members of jury of the 2011 Kif-Kif Awards in CC Deurne. This is a competition for young people who do digital stories, stand up comedy and also fashion. Alexandra and Clizia had to choose the best designer from Deurne together with other jury members, who were fashion professionals from Antwerp.
 It was pretty hard to choose only one from the three talented designers: all collections were creative and the participants tried to put a message in their short performances. All jury members almost unanimously chose the "Black Angel" collection designed by Johanna Picard.
It's a pity that we do not speak Flemish well enough to understand stand up comedy or digital story telling, but we saw the reaction of the public and it was visible that they enjoyed the competition a lot.
Thanks to the organizers for invitation. Being in the jury was important experience for us!



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