DAA Swinging At Stars For Life
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 11th of December 2013 05:20:03 PM

Hello sweethearts all over the world! Since I am leaving for a month of holidays, I thought I’d go out with a bang and write one last blog entry. And to keep it in the name of fame, I’ll talk about my tv presence of Monday evening.


As you might or might not know, DAA is one of the charities selected for Music For Life (MFL) this year.  MFL is a campaign organized by Studio Brussels and each year they do a fundraising for charities around the Christmas period.  This goes hand in hand with a lot of activities including a TV show. This year they decided to look for a ‘new star’ in all of famous Flanders. They organized a competition with Flemish celebrities (note: NOT singers) and let them do a singing competition. The winner would become the voice of MFL 2014.


And since we are a participating charity,  we were invited to spend one episode in the audience. Me, Gladys and previous volunteer Elias packed up our enthusiasm ( and DAA badges of course) and drove all the way to small town Lint into the mythical world of ‘Stars For Life’.


When we arrived we got a yellow card without any explanation. It was only later we figured out this card would mean we had to be part of the ‘ Young enthusiastic crowd’ which basically came down to: you will be very close to the stage so dance and smile, smile, smile!


And let me tell you, ‘close’ was an understatement. We were standing next to the catwalk where all the artists would pass. This was good and bad. Good: In almost every shot you can see a very blond and smiley boy ( aka Elias). Bad: we had to dance and clap until we could no more. Oh and did I mention the singing skills of these contestants were… Let’s say: not all that amazing?   Check out our own Hanne Troonbeeckx on the picture and in this video (singing her lungs out to Adele) . She is a known presenter in Flanders but maybe not the next ‘Voice Van Vlaanderen’ so to speak. 


All by all, it was a very very fun night! We laughed a lot and there were some good performances too. Sad our DAA-pins and t-shirt didn’t get some screen time though, but hey we will not sob because we have some amazing fans!


Thank you for the support and have an amazing holiday season!

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