DAA's love for the gay parade!
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Monday 14th of May 2012 03:42:43 PM

We took a little field trip to the Gay Parade in Brussels this weekend! Because admit it, this is the event of the year. We were quite late though, so we had to chase after the parade to get a glimpse of the action, but it was totally worth it.  From fabulous drag queens, to guys who can belly dance better than I can. Of course, it wasn’t all about partying (although that was a big part). My backpack  was filled with condoms and flyers again… This seems to become a habit, I think! I got a lot of kisses and hugs in trade for condoms, but the flyers didn’t go so well so we had to find a solution for that, no? I decided to show our Antwerp pride and ran up to the truck who represented the Antwerp gay pride and asked them very nicely if we could represent Designers Against Aids in the parade by getting on the truck. And guess what , it worked. And what a party it was up there! Never danced so much in my life. And Veniamin seemed to love the gay parade also, since he took 1600 pictures of it… I guess this is why we call him a photoholic! Oh and we like to thank the  very nice girl who practically threw herself over the edge of the truck to hand out our flyers . She was so nice that I even got a little kiss at the end… It’s the gay parade after all!

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