Day 2 Or The Castle, The Land And The Peasants
Author: Gladys C.K
Thursday 3rd of October 2013 06:16:56 PM
Today was the first day of work and also the cleaning day. I was quite happy to do it (disturbing?) because I wanted to take the time to look around and to discover more interesting things about this castle. There are fascinating things popping out of every corner and when I arrived I couldn’t stop getting surprised of everything you can find around here!
It is unbelievable how quickly your mind starts working when you have such interesting resources to give you ideas and to inspire you in a way that you would never be if you were sitting in an empty room with white walls, a desk and a chair.
There is always something new to create, reshape or explore here. The people I met are another fascinating part of this little world where so many new ideas come up or are discussed over a cup of coffee, or enjoying the sun on the lovely backyard.
This is the point where I realised how important communication is. The more I interact with people the more I learn from them. They influence my thoughts and therefore my personality and who I am. I had an introduction about HIV and AIDS awareness with Ayke yesterday and I’ve learned a fair bit of facts that I never heard about before. Later in the evening, when I went to see a bit more of this fascinating city that is Antwerp, I couldn’t wait to tell people I randomly met (Ayke’s friends of friends – I think) what I found out that day. I was surprised and extremely happy about how interested they were in what I explained to them and they even asked questions! I felt I could do this every day! Yes, I am an excited person and go crazy about everything J
Anyway, most of them were university students and all of them had a rough idea about the topic but overall, there were so many things they didn’t know.
Which means… there is work to be done and anything can help!
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