Dear Future Matteo, I Wrote You A Letter
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 17th of September 2013 12:03:27 PM

When I arrived in the kitchen for my coffee this morning, Ninette told me there was post for me (not an e-mail, strangely enough). As soon as I saw the envelope I understood what was it about: it was a letter from me to myself! It sounds really strange I know, but it's true and it's not because I am bipolar - or at least not completely.

I wrote this letter before leaving Italy, it was during the EVS pre-departure training. The last assignment was to write a letter to yourself knowing that you would have received it after the EVS project. I think that Marcella and Rita, the organizers of the training, had an amazing idea, they are just awesome! We were supposed to write about our expectations or fears or whatever and then see the effect afterwards, once we received it.

The letter I wrote to 'Matteo of the future' is not so long and pretty direct in the style. It goes like: "Dear Matteo, how was it? Was it good? Enjoy and be happy, do not dare to complain. Was it bad? Do not dare to complain either, do not be sad, it was definitely worth it, believe me!" I can now reply that it was very good, I am not complaining and I am enjoying it a lot. And I'm still in Antwerp! I think Matteo of the past would be pretty surprised about that. The letter ends with "Daje però! Spacca!", which is the Italian version of one of my favourite mantra: "Rock it!".

I will, no doubt about it.


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