Dear RuPaul,
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 25th of June 2013 12:48:00 PM

... trust all is good. I am writing to the queen of drag queens because I need some advices on the art of loving yourself - and I am surely not the only one. The first time I heard you saying "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" I thought immediately it was one of the best mantras ever. And since I watched all the Drag Race Seasons, it remained stuck deeply in my mind - I know it was your purpose.

During these last days I could "enjoy" more than once what can happen when you are not good in following this mantra. No need to say how depressing this can be.

When you grow up and life starts being harder and harder, you suffer. Easy. And life is hard not just because you experience an invasion of killer bees or a fire in your wardrobe. People have the habit of making you feel like s**t, no matter why, especially if you belong to the category of "THE DIFFERENTS". This is less easy, but also true.

Not everybody is strong enough to raise their head and shout "Fuck you, douchebags!!". What about loving yourself when those bullies, bitchy princesses, stupid relatives, idiot bosses, all those people become a part of yourself?

Or what about when you simply are ill? Will you be able to love yourself - and your illness too? You can look in the mirror and declare yourself all your love, you can do this again and again... but will it be enough?

I am lucky because I have so many things to be proud of and be happy for. And I am also lucky because I am fully aware it. You know, Ru, that it's not the same for everyone.

It's hard to say "Who cares if I am alone in the universe, I am still just amazing". It's even harder to say "Who cares if I will be alone for ever, I will always have myself". Nonetheless, when you really fall in love with yourself - and with your weaknesses too - ONLY then you can start thinking about love and being loved.

If someone thinks I am writing about something that's not all that new, please keep in mind that our happiness is just in our hands, nobody will give it to us. And, please again, don't suffer in silence, don't keep this shit all to yourself. You will always find someone that will listen to you. Just don't trust people that want to sell you lessons of self-confidence - a good advice is always free. Do you agree Ms. Charles?


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