Do You Like To ‘Like’ Awareness?
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 16th of October 2013 04:56:48 PM

Syncapse, a social media marketing firm, recently published a study about the reasons why people like brands on Facebook. It came up that it's mostly because people actually like a brand and not because the brand can buy people's ‘likes'. It's true that giving coupons is still a good strategy to make the number of thumbs-up on your page grow, but it was proved that usually people use their FB-like as their support for a brand. This is because they feel a real connection with the products of the brand - and they don't want to lose it! Another important reason is that liking a page gives you the chance to be constantly updated with news from your favourite brand.

Why am I talking about all this stuff? Because Designers Against AIDS is a brand that is selling you just one product: HIV awareness. Do we work well as a brand? We use pop culture to be connected as much as we can with our users. We give you constant updates. We give you something back, because spreading awareness is a way to protect people's health. I would say that we work pretty well -and our crowd of followers speaks for itself!

We want you to know that our work is not that easy, since we work in a way that is actually unique, showing the alternative that in our opinion works better: awareness. It means to make people realize that everyone shares the responsibility of stopping the HIV epidemic and that prevention is something that people should do by themselves whenever it's possible. Even though actual HIV prevention is still needed in countries like Indonesia or Russia, the same is not true in regions where the infections have already started to decrease years ago. Once the emergency is controlled, your strategy changes as a consequence. The danger in that is of course that people can get more careless, with the result that HIV infections start to rise again - a trend we see allover the world right now, for instance in the UK, Brazil and...Belgium. Did you know that almost 11 out of 100.000 people in Belgium is seropositive today? In the rest of Europe, this is around 5.7 out of every 100.000 people.

We really would like to thank all our fans and ‘likers' for being so supportive with us. You understood what we're doing and there is no doubt that DAA will always continue working with the same purposes: education and prevention, done in a cool way. Everybody needs a bit of help sometimes though. Will you give us your like here?


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