Don't Be Shy, Wrap It Up!
Author: M. G.
Monday 28th of October 2013 01:22:48 PM

Today I was watching this video from the DAA Youtube channel that was made by the first group of international students of IHAEC. They went together to Sinksenfoor - the fair that every spring arrives in Antwerp - and asked people to do something unusual with condoms. Where else can you put a condom, if not on your dicky? Your finger, your shoe, a candy, any kind of handlebars and much more, just get creative. It's funny to look at people's reaction, wrapping up a condom in a context different from their bedroom, in public and in front of a camera. Maybe, some could say that being at the fair on a Sunday afternoon is an OK environment to have safe sex but generally this is not the habit. Therefore the reactions were pretty varied: some just laughed hard, some laughed to hide an actual embarrassment, while others showed all the embarrassment without filters. To roll out a condom is an easy gesture, but some of the people I saw in this video reminded me of a short documentary about a safe-sex workshop in Bali. We already mentioned that in that country HIV/AIDS education is something completely new, so the reaction of young people in front of condoms is usually a mixture of awkwardness, clumsiness, shyness, curiosity and maybe also sense of guilt- I think that it generally goes like 'The more religious you are, the stronger the sense of guilt'.

Well, you still have the same in Belgium too and I don't know why I am feeling so surprised. I have to admit that my point of view is a bit unbalanced if confronted to the usual reactions: I am constantly surrounded by condoms here, I write about them, I draw them, I count them in the archive, and so on... But the reaction is not what really matters, the important thing is to get the message across, which is that condoms are something as simple and natural as sex and they will help you iwith enjoying sex in safety -and therefore in enjoying life!


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