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Author: Shykin Veniamin
Monday 9th of April 2012 06:05:09 PM

Easter is one of the loveliest catholic holidays celebrated in Belgium. I am representing a country with orthodox culture, which is why I am so curious to find out the differences between the two. A few days ago, DAA intern Ayke proposed me to visit her grandparents this Easter Sunday and I was really happy to accept this invitation. Great intercultural experience and agood opportunity to take nice pictures!
The first difference is the calendar: Belgian Easter is one week earlier than Ukrainian and Russian Easter. So, I was a bit surprised, when colleagues reminded me about this holiday, when it was too soon in my mind.
Celebration traditions are quite similar, with the main symbol being the egg. I just did not expect to see them soft-boiled! But I was sure that at Easter in Belgium there will be more chocolate eggs than real ones and I was right. Easter morning starts with a game - children should find these sweet presents in the garden and trees, upon the walls and betweenthe garden sculptures - any place where adults can hide them.
Sure, granny cooked a lot of tasty food and snacks. One more surprise - meatloaf with cherry - a really Belgian combination.
Ayke's family was so nice and friendly. They met me with care and interest. Everybody asked me something about my country and gave me detailed answers to my questions. It is always nice to see a family meeting, to see how people, who love each other, come together. No matter how many nationalities there are present, love - is religion for everyone.
Thanks for this experience!

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