Eastpak Artist Studio briefing
Author: Sam Van Praet
Tuesday 7th of February 2012 06:00:57 PM


We just had our meeting with Jean-Jaqcues Maartense of Eastpak, so now our DAA/Eastpak workshop really got started! We got an interesting presentation about what Eastpak stands for and what the Eastpak Artist Studio is all about. After brainstorming about our action plan, it is now our turn to spread the word and to make this edition an even bigger success.

For the ones who don’t know what is going on yet, Eastpak has given 200 blank backpacks to different artists. All the artists customized their own unique backpack with their own story behind it. These backpacks are being sold from the 19th of March and the revenues of the sales all go to DAA! You can already check out if there is any backpack you would like at http://artiststudio.eastpak.com/. And if you see a favorite, lie in wait near your computer on March 19- there’s only one of each so you have to be fast to get it!


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