Electrifying Condoms – And Sex
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 26th of February 2014 04:29:32 PM

That technology is evolving is no news, but digital condoms? Yes, you read that right. The Electric eel is a prototype where the plan is to attach conductive treads (= little electric thingies) into the condom that give extra stimulation and should increase pleasure. The prototype now looks a little bit like a cock warmer: it is made out of fabric and  has small electrodes lined up right under the sensitive spot at the shaft.  The electrodes can take input from different sources. – I see an app function coming up fast! - and have been tested by the crew itself. Oh and no worries,  the chances of being electrocuted are relatively small , since the amount of electricity running through is so little, you can even stick your tongue to the device -  if that’s your thing.


If you really want to see the development of this condom, check out their Indiegogo campaign. And if you sponsor for at least 350 dollars you might receive your very own Electric Eel.

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