Enjoying The Beauty Of Bali While Exercising
Author: Dita Amalia
Wednesday 6th of May 2015 03:12:44 PM

The idea of staying in Bali for a month has put me on my nerves. I'm so excited to discover new things while I'm in Bali. Where to eat, where to go and what to do, they always run in my mind. But I still can't figure out what I can do for my exercise routines, because I need to keep myself healthy. Back in my hometown, I'm doing some sports at least 4 times a week. From kickboxing and RPM to horseback riding. I'm not a sport freak, but it just makes me feel alive somehow and I need to maintain my weight as well. Since I arrived only a couple of days ago, I still have to get used to everything. So, while I'm busying myself figuring out what kind of sport will fit me best in here, I decided to take a long walk last Monday. I walked to Kuta Beach for about an hour, it was very tiring I admit but I found it pretty fun and refreshing, to walk and see the neighborhoods and get to know how it feels like to live like a Balinese. The next day I decide to swim just before I had my breakfast - refreshingly fun! After a little bit of researching on the nearby sport center and what I possibly can do for my excise, it occurs to me that it would be fun for me to have a morning walk or even evening jogging on the beach and swimming in the morning or evening at the home stay. It never really crossed my mind that while doing all these things, not only will I be exercising, but I can also enjoy the beauty of Bali at the same time! Discover more articles on www.indonesiaagainstaids.com

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