Fantastic Journey Part 2
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Sunday 28th of April 2013 04:35:32 PM


It‘s very important to go on a trip with a person that you think will enjoy himself/ herself and who you get along with.This way your journey will be enjoyable and you will have a happy, smiling face all the time (except when you realize that you bought pig fat instead of the cream cheese in the market… ) And thank god, I choose the right person to have this fantastic trip. One of the things we really wanted to do, is to visit the House of Terror. The individual tickets to get in were very expensive though, so we had the fantastic idea to wait for a group of tourists to get the group price which was a lot cheaper. It took a while before a group came so we decided to head to the shop and buy some wine –and two plastic glasses – that we enjoyed in front of the Hungarian State Opera House. That moment, we experienced Murphy’s law in real life… We found out that one of the glasses was broken on the bottom and the wine spilled over our – of course white – trousers… But there’s a light at the end of every tunnel because when we looked up a group of tourists was staring at the exterior of the Opera like it’s some kind of a miracle. We started to make a plan how to convince them to visit the House of Terror, by playing charming young travel guides. Of course, we didn’t actually do that, it was just our way of having fun and making hilarious stories that would make us smile.  After that trip, there was something that really caught my eye… The Hungarians seem to be quite open about their sexual ‘issues’: sex shops everywhere, BIG billboard ads in the centre of the city…The most uncommon touristic thing I saw? Apparently there is a ‘Murder tour’, which displays the places in the town where horrific murders took place and all the details about how it happened told by a guide. Well, you can’t say they’re not creative!


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