Freed at last...
Author: Sam Van Praet
Tuesday 21st of February 2012 05:28:09 PM


Maybe you noticed it on the other pictures, but if you look closely you will see that I (Sam, the ginger) had a plaster bandage, a souvenir from one of my skating tricks. But...not anymore! This morning I went to the hospital quite nervous. The doctor was going to decide wether i had to stay in the plaster bandage for 2 more weeks or not. Luckily I got freed! Typing this blog entry at the moment using my 10 fingers again! Just drank my soup with a spoon in my right hand again, played guitar for a little while (it still hurts but it’s good exercise for the stiff fingers) and even more important NO MORE ITCHING. That was really horrible. One bit of advice for whenever you get a plaster bandage: don’t try to scratch, it only will make it worse... :)


Greetz Sam


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