Friday Field Trip To Antwerp
Author: Veronica Radicati
Friday 5th of October 2012 09:09:00 PM

Today our project manager Jean-Yves and mentor Ayke rewarded our first week of good hard work with a fieldtrip in the city.
First stop was on Meir, the main shopping street in Antwerp (and apparently one of the most important shopping areas in the country)...We didn't get to shop... but visited JBC, which was pretty cool since its where we will be hosting a super event in late november promoting our 2012 "collabo" with the brand! After our long day, JY kindly offered us a special ginger/orange tea drink in Lombardia, a hip eco and vegetarian café/restaurant in the centre. I loved the combination of wild, artsy and laid-back decor... plus their interesting variety of (fresh!) exotic juices and teas...Though I would also definitely reccomend it since its eco-friendly and is known for having wicked clientele such as our friends Faithless and Moby. x La Vero 

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