From A Different Point Of View
Author: M. G.
Friday 18th of October 2013 04:08:18 PM

Yesterday evening a friend of mine sent me an amazing and inspiring video about creativity by Philippe Daverio. We both love this man and many other students like us at the Politecnico di Milano do too. He's a former university professor of ours that recently published a book in Italy and the video is the recording of a conference he gave last June. Sadly it's in Italian, so I can just suggest Italian-speaking people to spend 30 minutes of their time in watching this lecture. For the other readers I will try to explain what he says.

Being creative can be seen as a way to change your point of view when you're looking at something. Plus, when you talk about points of view, you should keep in mind that all your judgements are also personal opinions. Therefore it's very difficult to say what is beauty and what is not.

The craftsman (the artisan) is somebody who creates something following a precise pattern that he learned before. The artist makes beautiful things because he creates something new, as he follows a new pattern, different from the ones that you would expect. This can happen just by looking at the issue differently, or from another point of view. The funny thing is that both artists and scientists follow the same method. The forme call it being creative, the latters say it's progress.

Let's now talk about different points of view on AIDS. "AIDS is not a disease. AIDS is a lot of other different things. It depends on what country you're in". This is a phrase taken from the documentary ‘The House of Numbers' by Brent Leung. I think the same way. I'm not talking about complots or something strange, I'm more interested in the fact that HIV can be millions of different things; firstly because the infection rates vary so much around the world and also because the society you live in is different from all those others in the rest of the world.

HIV strongly impacts both cultural and personal opinions and showing many different points of view helps in make opinions change and you can really add to this just by thinking outside of the box. Being creative is not just a choice, it's a priority.

... and DAA rocks.


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