From "Vegas 2 Venice" against AIDS!
Author: Veronica Radicati
Thursday 22nd of November 2012 06:32:00 PM


To some people Vegas to Venice could simply mean one hell of a road-trip... but to a couple of creative fundraisers from the UK, mainly the chance to make a big mark in the fight against AIDS.  
In 2011, Jamie and Joe started working on vegas2venice, an HIV/AIDS road-trip film documentary and one of their many efforts in support of the HIV/AIDS charity Arms Around the Child ( With their biggest and latest project, the duo aims to reach and positively impact as many people as possible with an extraordinary experience and message: a trip across Europe showing the lives of different people touched by HIV/AIDS and how passions, hopes and dreams ultimately make us all the same in spite of anything...including HIV/AIDS. The 3-part documentary web series --premiering online ( on November 28th and just in time for World AIDS Day (Dec. 1st)-- is an impressive 7-day and 3,000 mile summer road-trip through 8 countries. Jamie and Joe's adventure kicks off in their hometown of Ross-on-Wye (AKA Ross Vegas) and ends in London at Arms Around the Child headquarters. The other cities visited include: Bristol, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Venice, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges. 

With vegas2venice Jamie and Joe (and DAA!) hope to inspire and encourage people to get more involved in the cause and help end AIDS by 2020.


For more on vegas2venice and the trailer click here:

-La Vero

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