Fuck! I'm in my twenties!
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 19th of June 2013 04:54:09 PM

I am so old. - I know, I know, I'm not that old - but I did feel like it last weekend.

I went to see the musical of the oldest group in my old primary school. They were singing about how they would be friends forever and that they had so much choices to make in the future. - I think I even saw some tears while they were hugging each other. For me on the other hand, it kind of worked in on my sarcasm. Friends from primary school? Nope don't have them. To be honest, I don't think I can even remember the names of my classmates. I bumped into my old ‘best friend' once, didn't recognize her. We played a guessing game for about an hour trying to find out how we knew each other... And all those life choices they talk about? Admitted, I make some difficult choices each day, like what kind of cornflakes I want or if I should go out that evening. These are hard enough, so nope, don't have time yet to decide what to do with my life.


I love it though, the fact that every era in your life has different beliefs and problems. I mean, at 12 years old, the biggest issue I had was to fit in with the right people. Now it's more of a ‘ throw your hands up in the air if you just don't care' - Always wanted to use that in a sentence. Of course, that means I have some other fish to fry right now. So what are the issues in my twenties?


- Damn. I graduated. Since when does school not last forever?

- Oh no, some of my friends are still in school and I am working... How do I deal with this?

- Oh look! I have a paycheck now... Better buy those new shoes I wanted last week. Saving? What is this word?

- What is this? There are people my age getting babies? *Drinks a mojito to forget about this *

- Am I too old to do festivals now? I mean: what's the limit before you look pathetic?

- In relationship: I'm in a long-term relationship already? When did this happen? Is it healthy? Shouldn't I be out partying and going crazy?

- Single: I am too old to still be single. Shouldn't I be settling down? + the typical situation described in my picture. (By the way, for anyone wondering: I 'stole' this image from the blog 'Fuck! I'm in my twenties'... I love it. If you want to check it out, click here).

- Hangover mornings: God, is it just me or was drinking more easy when I was 18?

- Meeting new people? I already have friends... Is this truly necessary?

- Saturday night dilemma: There's a great party... But my couch also looks tempting.


Do you guys have anything to add to my list?


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