Fuck Positive On Valentine's Day -And Any Other Day
Author: Elias Bosteels
Thursday 14th of February 2013 01:54:48 PM


So today is Valentine's Day. Don't worry I won't go on and on about it like a lot of the other websites are doing. Every year it's the same question: What can we do? How can I make my girlfriend/boyfriend happy?  Should I buy some chocolates? Where can I get heart shaped flowers? Should I take him/her to the movies? 

Working with three girls every day here at DAA I can tell you from pretty reliable sources that most women don't really care what you do for them on Valentine's Day. Just make sure that you make her feel special, make sure that he or she knows you love her and please, please, please don't do it on just one day of the year!

When you are with someone you should care for her and make her feel special every day. And that, by the way, goes both ways. 

As I still don't have a date tonight I can only give you one piece of advice;  two words which combined can create a library of books: FUCK POSITIVE. 

I could start explaining every possible meaning of this sentence, but I will leave that up to you. I will say this though:  if you really love her, you will do anything for her and to protect her. So always use protection, know your status and if you don't: get tested!

You will never have to drive yourself crazy about safety and pregnancy again. 




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