Full, Kenta, Kare or Yamb?
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Monday 3rd of June 2013 03:07:27 PM

Harrow harrow, as our Jean Yves would say! It is the beginning of my last week here.. But I will not be sad; I am full of stories to tell you.

First of all, our boss Ninette and Peter came back from Bali. Big welcome for them! It has been a while since we heard Ninette's and Yean Yves hilarious jokes and Ninette's nice laugh afterwards. This is what makes DAA and we have missed that!

Of course, I also want to tell you guys about my weekend! I spent Saturday night with Sanja and Laura (Two other girls who are doing their EVS in Antwerp - you might remember Sanja from the Gay Pride - ) in their place, playing yamb or, maybe I should say, learning how to play it. Sanja was the teacher because she is a pro in the game, and me and Lau were students! We might have been a bit annoying, asking questions every five seconds but Sanja didn't mind, on the contrary, she was very patient with us. Now I am mad about yamb and can't wait to play it again. I slept over there and in the morning we had coffee and a very nice talk. Thank you girls for such a nice time!
On Sunday, Sanja and me went for a walk because, for once, the weather was absolutely amazing. I mean, the day was simply sunny, but I had to exaggerate because it seems that the All Mighty God of Sun completely forgot about Antwerp and when the sun finally appears, people here act like it is some kind of a miracle. We set in Suikerrui street and met Laura and her ten thousand friends. They were fun, but we didn't stay long. Sometimes you don't have that much enthusiasm to talk with people who you meet for the first time, to smile all the time and answer the boring questions. We calculated that we would rather leave and have relaxing conversations, gossip and, you know, girls stuff.
Last but not least, I want to share with you guys this perfect quote I found this morning on my favourite facebook page " Rumi quotes": "The treasure house awaits you in your own being." -Rumi.
Have a nice day!



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