GayStation Auctioned For LGBT Charity
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Tuesday 5th of August 2014 04:57:29 PM

Someone with the nickname "Pumpkaboo" from Pokémon became the proud new owner of a rainbow-patterned PlayStation 4. In the auction by Swedish retailer Webhalle he paid more than 10 times the US retail price of a classic PS4. Thanks to him, more than 4100 dollar will be donated to the RSFL Newcomers network, a branch of the Swedish Federation for LGBT and Queer Rights which aims to help LGBTQ refugees and migrants.

Retailer Webhallen started the 'Sony GayStation 4' auction at the end of July, during the Stockholm Gay Pride week. They promoted the project with these words:"For many young people, the world of games will become a refuge to escape the taunting, or worse, of real life. On Webhallen, we are gamers in heart and mind and are keen that as many as possible have the opportunity to feel welcome and enjoy the world's largest and fastest growing interest: video games."


We at DAA wonder if there will be a commercial version of this colourful Playstation- would you buy it?


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