Get Tested and Carry On
Author: Brigitte Stilma
Thursday 5th of July 2012 01:05:59 PM

Get Tested and Carry On!
I found this poster of the stigma project on their Facebook page when  I was browsing the internet.
They launched this poster because of national testing day June 27th. 
The stigma project is an organization that aims to lower the HIV infection rate and neutralize the stigma associated with HIV / AIDS trough education and awareness via social media and advertising.
They seek to create an HIV neutral world, free of judgement and fear by working with both positive and negative individuals from all walks of life, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or background.
A short quotation from their website: 'We hope to embrace social media with effective campaigns each season that bring awareness to the current state of HIV. Please, whether your HIV-positive, negative, or you don't know, we need your help. Ask your friends to join us in starting a revolution. An HIV Neutral Revolution. Like us, share us, re-tweet us. The more people we reach, the more effective our project. The more successful our mission. YOU can make a difference.'
As you might already know we at DAA are quite fond of our own slogan: Keep Safe & Carry One, that was created half a year ago by our creative director, but we do love this one a lot too. Let's hope it works!
For more info about the stigma project, visit their website:

And please remember: Be Safe, Carry One

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