Gifts And Sweets For The Ladies!
Author: Indra Moonen
Friday 8th of March 2013 05:14:39 PM


As you could read in my post earlier today, its International Womens Day and I tried to convince the guys of DAA to do something sweet for the girls. Because they are such masculine men, I never thought they would actually do something. But then suddenly, they got really excited to go to the shop to buy something for us. Instead of being really happy, I got a bit scared, since were still talking about Elias and Matteo here. You can really expect anything from these guys!  During their shopping trip they sent pictures of cooking equipment, nun costumes, irons,… they even said they were going to buy us a stone brick. On the outside I was laughing really hard, but on the inside I was desperately praying that they werent being serious.

After waiting for what seemed to be forever, they came in with the most amazing presents! They got red roses and a bubble blower for everyone and if that wasnt enough they also gave a little personal gift to each girl, they gave me a new umbrella because mine broke yesterday, Ayke got a toy for her cat, Branislava got a comb and Ninette got a piggy bank in the shape of a cat. No need to say that everyone was ecstatic.  And to top everything of, Peke came in with cream puffs covered in chocolate!

Thank you guys! You really made this International Womens Day the best one ever for us!



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