Girl's Night Out - With A Treat
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Friday 10th of January 2014 04:05:53 PM
Who is planning on shaking their (sexy) asses on the dancefloor tonight?  Maybe with a drink or two -or seven? I know I had my fair share of parties last weekend (with the additional hangovers) so I won’t be joining in, but don’t let that ruin your fun!
Perks about parties:
- Getting ready. I know – girls can spend hours in the bathroom. But how else do you think we look so majestic? And – an honest reason now- I personally won’t enjoy myself if I don’t feel sexy or attractive. No way I’m getting on a dancefloor with the thought of ‘I wish I had showered’.
- Dancing! And enjoying it. Whether it’s with that cute guy behind the bar or your best friend. 
- A few (or a lot of) drinks.  I know drinking isn’t a good habit… but I’d be a fool if I said ‘youth never drinks too much alcohol’. Positive parts: you feel a lot more competent in your dance moves. Dangerous part: it lowers your inhibitions. A lot. – Ever woken up with the thought ‘Why  did I drunk call my ex at 4 am in the morning again?’ -or next to the cute guy of the bar, whose name you barely remember?
- Attention. I know not a lot of girls admit it. But I’m sure willing to say that I love it when a guy turns his head to watch me dance or – dare I say it- comes over and dances with me.
Have you girls ever gone out with the plan to ‘pull a lad’ (to say it Geordie Shore style)? I know our society doesn’t always appreciate girls who go out to catch the guy, but it’s about time we can talk about it. I have. I used to go out, partying with my ‘eye on a price’. That didn’t make me a slut, that just made me determined. At least that’s how I felt.
And a cruel thing to say, but as a girl it’s not that hard, is it? If you really want to get laid you will get someone in your bed.  You can see some guys talking to your boobs instead of your face and you know ‘If I just make a move now…’ And there’s no problem with going for it.
Oh and sometimes an incredibly hot guy will catch your eye. One of those guys that makes you want to drool and stroke his abs at the same time. And maybe you’ll spend the night with him. And there’s no problem with that either.
Admitted, sometimes they’ll be douchebags, other times they’ll be sweethearts. At bad times you’ll wonder why you wanted to sleep with him at all. But at all times: you’re an independent woman who makes a choice.  Whheter you want to spend your night at home with a book, simply dancing with friends, or in this guy’s bed: go for it. But if there’s ever a dickhead that wants you to ‘forget about a condom’, remember this: it takes two to tango, so if you walk away, he’ll be left without any action at all. He’ll change his mind pretty quickly if you tell him you’ll walk away if he doesn’t use protection.
A little tip, don’t ever let him use the excuse of ‘ I don’t have protection on me’. As a girl, there’s nothing wrong with putting a condom in your purse to make sure this doesn’t happen.
And if he does disappear: his loss. You know you look amazing tonight. You didn’t spend hours getting ready to get your mood down by this particular asshole. Walk away. You deserve more respect than that. You're independent, remember?
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