Goedemorgen Iedereen!
Author: merve özcangaz
Friday 21st of March 2014 12:26:39 PM

Yesterday was my first day at DAA HQ. First I had my breakfast with the best muesli ever, I will write about our delicious food soon… Then, I started working with my first blog entry introducing myself and I was challenged to be creative with the photo!!! I am not an extrovert but they encouraged and helped me so much and I became a Playboy rabbit, it's spring, after all ;-). After lunch, Ayke and I sat down and she informed me about everything to do with sexual health such as contraception (birth control) and sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). It was a very educative session in this amazing weather Antwerp is having right now. I like the garden of the education center very much. What a peaceful place! At the end of the first working day, I decided to visit the city center and do some shopping. I have to admit that I can’t pronounce Flemish words correctly at all! Although it is so easy to travel in Antwerp, I keep saying “Koghelsiplen” or “Kogelayn” instead of “Cogelsplein” and it makes asking directions impossible. But I spent a nice evening and came back to my new home safe and sound. See you tomorrow!!!

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