Happy Birthday Dear Academie!
Author: M. G.
Monday 9th of September 2013 12:49:14 PM

The new exhibition at the Mode Museum of Antwerp opened last Saturday. I was there, with a friend of mine and pretty big crowd of other people. We had a preview of "Happy Birthday Dear Academie", a celebration of the first 50 years of activity of the Fashion Department at the Antwerp Royal Academy - which is 350 years old! This is a beautiful exhibition and it's taking places in different outdoor locations too. All the clothes that are shown are so creative and powerful and I could feel a strong energy during the whole visit. I think is the magic power of this amazing school. Also the friend I was with, who is a dentist, was simply overwhelmed by the whole scenario.



It is very difficult to explain the whole exhibition and this is why I took all the pictures you can see today and many others - like over one hundred. When I find myself in these contexts I just can't give a break to my Japanese-tourist-instinct, I want to keep as many memories I can since I know it will work as a storage of inspiration for the future.


Thanks for this amazing experience and, again, happy birthday!











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