Happy Campers
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Wednesday 13th of August 2014 05:50:26 PM

For most children who behave a little bit different than their peers, summer camps are not their dream holiday but more like a nightmare. Only few summer camps offer an environment for non gender-conforming children, where no one has to look over their shoulders and everybody is free to express themselves. One of the most famous camps of this type is a summer camp known under the nickname "You are you", which became famous thanks to New York photographer Lindsay Morris who captured the children with images of their self-expression.


The camp, founded by parents, is so informal that it moves from one part of the US to another, depending on where the parents can rent a space for it. It's not just for boys from 3 years old and up, but also for their parents and siblings, who help to create a friendly environment. The main event of this camp is the Talent Show Night, for which some children practice all year long and a Fancy Night, for which they can dress up any way they like, even in high heels, an evening gown, full make-up and anything else in 'girlish' colours and glitter.


Getting the exact number of kids of a non conforming gender is not easy; according to the education and advocacy group 'Gender Spectrum' 1 in 500 children is significantly gender nonconforming or transgender.


It doesn't matter how these kids will identify themselves in the future, what matters is that they can find a place where they feel free to express themselves right now.

Photo: Lindsay Morris

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