Hasta La Vista, Baby!
Author: merve özcangaz
Thursday 17th of April 2014 04:51:44 PM

All the good must come to an end and today is the last day of my internship in DAA HQ. What did I do during my EVS project? Obviously I became a ‘social-mediachaloic’ in one month but I liked it. I wrote blog entries on the website of DAA, uploaded photos on Instagram, posted new things on Facebook and tweeted. On the other hand, I learned a lot about HIV/AIDS, STDs, birth control and safe sex. It was the most sexual period of my life, in theory. J I also did researches and translations into both Turkish and English. But I think the peak of my work was “My Personal HIV/AIDS Awareness Project”.

Like every other EVS volunteer, I had to come up with an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign idea for my home country so I did. I planned an exhibition and a workshop in my former high-school and prepared the needed documents in Turkish. The aim of this exhibition is to show students that everyone can be affected by HIV. No matter who you are, when you were born, where you live, what your job is, you can be HIV+. The aim of it is also to show them the importance of protecting yourself, getting tested and if you test positive, to start your treatment in time! After the exhibition I will also do a workshop to teach them all about birth control, safe sex and what happens if you don’t protect yourselves.. I have an appointment in my former high-school on the next day of my departure. Isn’t it cool?

“I don’t like goodbyes.” said Barbara Streisand. Don’t worry I won’t be that dramatic. I am not that kind of person who cries her heart out when they say goodbye. I loved being here. Probably I will feel very awkward when I’m back and will miss everything a lot but come on! I’m going back home. It isn’t that bad and I have an awareness campaign to do. Nevertheless a farewell is a farewell. In DAA HQ I met the greatest and “weirdest” colleagues that I will miss and had real fun while working. They can be sure that all my good memories will come with me to Istanbul. It was a pleasure to meet, work and live with them. Love you all, kisses!

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