Have a Swiet & Seksie weekend!
Author: Veronica Radicati
Friday 23rd of November 2012 05:30:14 PM

Those of you in or around Antwerp who want to spice up your weekend should definitely go check out the shop Swiet & Seksie.

It doesn't only sell many different kinds of sex toys and fun everyday items, but also--my favourite--a lot of sexy candy! What about milk chocolate genitals or gummy-boobs? They sound to us like the perfect treat for the weekend! And the best part is that these pieces of candy are the ONLY genital-shaped items that don’t need a condom on before you put it in your mouth ;-)

To check out more on this sexy sweet shop, visit Swiet & Seksie in Antwerp at Oever 1 or check them out online at:




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