Hello Fellow Students From All Around The World!
Author: Mirela Cosic
Tuesday 1st of April 2014 02:44:21 PM

Have you ever wanted to help the world become a better place? Well I have! That’s why I chose Designers Against Aids as the place to be for my internship. Not only am I improving my communication skills, I’m actually trying to make a difference by talking to people about HIV/AIDS! I’m communicating on what the disease is and how dangerous it really is. The more we talk about it, the bigger the chance that we’ll prevent it. Hopefully one day, there will be an hiv/aids free world. In order to do that DAA needs help! We need people like you to spread the word. We invite students from all around the world to join our team. You will learn how to set up campaigns in your own country. But it’s not all work. At DAA we take the time to bond with each other! Each day we sit down together and have a lovely lunch just like a family. It is only my first week as an intern and I’m already feeling very comfortable and a part of the crew. We want you here with us! So, do not hesitate to join us. If you're interested take a look at our education centre.



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