Hello From Eliska From The Czech Republic
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Wednesday 16th of July 2014 11:06:33 AM

Ahoj! Jmenuji se Eliška. Hello! My name is Eliška ...and the story of my 2 months internship at DAA started two days ago.
I was sitting on the bus that would take me from Prague to Antwerp and waving to my friends who came to say goodbye to me. All I knew about my new home was that we have three cats and an electric guitar. And that was good enough for me. When I arrived to the DAA house I couldn't believe my eyes: it's even better! We don't have three cats - but four! I haven't seen any guitar yet, but instead of this we have an old piano and amazing paintings everywhere you look.
While I was sitting in our garden and calling my friends, I realized that my internship here will be super successful if even just one of my friends who came to say goodbye to me when I was leaving will welcome me back in the Czech Republic with the words: „Eliška, I've got tested! "

When I send this article to Ninette she took me somewhere. It should be their living room. Ufff living room?!!! Paradise! Paradise with many guitars, combos and guitars effects. I am absolutely in love with this place!


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