Hello from Matti!
Author: Matti Vissers
Friday 4th of May 2012 11:01:00 AM

Hi my name is Matti. This is my first week of internship at Designers Against Aids and I'm really liking it! Before I started working here, I had heard a lot of great stuff about DAA from a former classmate but I just knew one sole initiative: 'Fashion Against Aids'. So I began to do some research: what DAA exactly is, what they stand for, what other activities they do, etc. And it just blew me away! So now I'm here for the next 8 weeks as an intern. During my first day I helped developing posters for the opening of the new pop-up shop, which is located in the City Hall at Grote Markt in Antwerp. I helped decorating the shop together with Jean-Yves, Ayke and Ven, which was a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work in order to get everything ready on time. DAA gives me the chance to implement the skills that I've learned at school a communication manager in real life. Thanks DAA for this wonderful opportunity!

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