Hello from Yassin...
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 30th of January 2012 04:56:42 PM

Hi my name is Yassin


This year when looking for a place where I could do my internship, I came across DAA.

After going over their blog and the website I saw the wonderful things they were doing and was happy to lend a hand.

My first meeting with Ninette was at the Pop Up store they had in Antwerp selling clothing and other items for the right cause, the battle against AIDS! With some amazing creative and beautiful designs they stood out from the rest of the stores during the busy sales period. As we started talking Ninette told me about the Eastpak wortshop coming up. I study graphic design so this will be a great challenge for me.

After arriving at the DAA headquarters I was welcomed by Peke and Ninette with a tour of the office and a glass of OJ! After a bit of small talk I sat down at my station that was going to be my home for the next 8 weeks. Then I got a copy of the hard cover Eastpak Artist Studio book, it’s great to see how 130 artists made unique designs of the classic Eastpak bag.

Be sure to check out page 61! I briefly met Clizia Garrone and Alexandra Fernandez and was pleasantly surprised to see their take on the Eastpak backpack.




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