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Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 22nd of April 2013 08:54:04 AM

It is good to greet everyone on this very sunshiny day! My name is Ayu Ratna Wulandari and I am a youth volunteer of the Indonesia Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA) Bali Chapter. I have been volunteering in IPPA since 2009 and working together with other young people is always exciting to me! We fight together in order to fulfill the needs of young people on sexual and reproductive rights. We provide them with access to both information and also to friendly health services. This is my first day joining the Designers Against AIDS Workshop in here in Sanur, Bali and the place is more beautiful than I expected! It is very huge and comfortable and the lunch is so delicious! Can’t wait for my upcoming days here!  And also, I like the idea on how DAA will develop a website that will be interesting for young people, so they will access it frequently. I’m very happy to be involved in this project because it will help me to be more creative in writing something and also it is great if I can share ideas and thoughts with other young people through the website. Working together with Ninette, who has young mind and soul, is also awesome! I really hope that this website will contribute in preventing HIV-AIDS and more over I hope everyone will enjoy reading every single thing that will be shared on the website! See you in the next article!

PS This is not the correct way to use a condom, but you knew that already, right?

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