Here's Your Rubber Of The Month!
Author: Gladys C.K
Thursday 31st of October 2013 06:48:12 PM

The other day I read a blog entry about a girl who went through the true challenge of being an unmarried woman trying to buy condoms in Pakistan and that made me think about how hard it must be in some countries to purchase the most basic tool for safe sex with all the taboos around the subject, especially among young people.Therefore I decided to do some research to find a solution for this and came across an awesome website called The Rubber Of The Month. As they describe, it started out with just 3 dudes from LA with a strange passion for pieces of latex and sexual responsibility who distribute all major condom brands as well as being supporters of sex education. It has a simple purpose: you sign up to receive monthly your selected condom or a variety pack of hand-picked top-quality brands condoms, as many or few as you like and for a cheaper price.

They’ve got a fast and discreet delivery service and some flexible ordering options. They say it’s so easy that even your ex can do it ha!

There are 3 different packages: Better Safe (6), Busy Bee (12) and Beast Mode (18). Then you pick a condom or a variety of them so you can try them all and also send you a nice packaging to store them and offer free shipping and a bonus gift for the larger options.

If you borrowed Mummy’s bank card that’s still not a problem because the shipment details will come under ROTM which could mean anything from Rare Old Train Model Club to Reach Out To Mali!

The package comes in a discreet box under the same initials, you can always let them know if you’re unsatisfied with a product and in case you had a busy month and need more supplies you can also email them for that.

The condoms are shipped on three dates each month and your order will be sent consistently on your preferred day or the shipping day after you sign up.

It’s a very easy and fast process so you can forget about having to go through the last minute rush to the shop and at last, the not usage and the following consequences. This is a cool way to save some money and a good option to get them regularly so you’ll never run out.


Condoms are definitely something you’ll never abuse of when it comes to safe sex so let’s enjoy it consistently! Check out the website here.

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