Hero of the day
Author: Tova Medby
Wednesday 3rd of October 2012 02:34:36 PM

So today we went through the whole DAA storage and got to see all of the amazing customized clothing that was made in collaboration with Designers Against AIDS. And of course we had to pick one favorite. I'm wearing mine in the picture above.

I chose this piece of clothing because I both like the esthetics and the message. It's made by Amaya Arzuaga (from Spain I believe if anybody wants to check out this awesome designer) and is a red top with black stripes and shoulder pads, and at the front there is a bunch of plastic cut-outs in the form of red and black ribbons attached. I think the ribbons is a actually a very nice way to make a statement about HIV/AIDS, but at the same time wear something that's really stylish and well-made. And the ribbons also intrigues your curiosity; because from a distance you don't recognize the applications as the red ribbons, but when you get closer you realize that the top is something else then just another piece of clothing - you realize that it actually has a message.

If anybody wonders, the reason I'm posing as a superhero (or at least it should look like it...) it's because if there is a superhero for all the HIV-positive people in the world - which I hope there is - that person should be wearing this piece as its costume.


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