Hot As The Hell, Black As The Devil
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 30th of April 2013 02:45:58 PM

How good can a cup of coffee be? If you ask me, I say "it's just amazing". And it's not only because I really need it in the morning, when I come downstairs to start working. It's the whole process that is something I couldn't ever renounce, especially when I use the moka coffee machine.



It's something far from being technological, it's so old fashioned and so cosy. Wash the coffee machine, put the water inside, not too much, not too less, put the coffee, you don't have to press it!, close the machine and put it on the fire. Then you have to wait until it's ready, until you smell the coffee. And that guilty pleasure of watching the black liquid coming up from the moka...



All this also reminds me the old ads from Bialetti, the most famous brand of moka machines. The little man of the ads, Mr. Bialetti, is so cute and funny! - And I go crazy for graphics of that period.-
There is no "oh, it's too hot" or "milk or sugar?". NO, "Coffee has to be hot as the hell and black as the devil" (C. M. de Talleyrand-Périgord). Your first sip has to be like a slap in your sleepy face. BAM.



If you wake up to a sunny morning, when Belgian weather has mercy on you, and you have a good cup of moka coffee, you already know that the day is going to be just perfect. And today it was.
I hope yours is too ;-)


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