How to be creative
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Tuesday 15th of May 2012 03:52:45 PM

Not everybody can be a genius. Not everybody can generate ideas like a fountain. But what can you do if you have a task at hand and nothing comes into your mind? Or you have a nice idea, but you're stuck in the details? After staying in IHAEC for such a long time, I decided to come up with the idea of writing a special manual. It can be useful for everybody who wants to be cool and creative.

Here's some advice to start with:
Be cool. You want to be creative? The slogan "You are what you are wearing" can help to be the somebody that you want to be. People have the prejudice that genius guys are a bit crazy and non-punctual - this is something I'd never advice to do. There are some positive things you can change, like the way you dress and talking about David Lynch filmography a lot. But please try not to cross the line between a creative person and the usual hipster.
Do not freak yourself out. Do not think about deadlines or other things that will stress you. It will never give you time off. It's better to relax and to enjoy the creative process. Also, you can start to doubt your abilities. The best way to force them? Just start doing what you have to do. First, it will look scarily big, but after finishing you will realize that you have muscles, both mental and physical.
Free your mind from clichés. Boring and rutting things are such a cliché. We don't always notice them because we got used to them. Normally people think with ditect associations, like "tree-forest", "sky-plane". If you want to create something original, you should think another way than everybody else. Thinking with indirect associations can be useful. Build the line with three objects that can come into your mind: "tree-forest-hunter", "sky-plane-airport", now we have more original links: "three-hunter", "sky-airport".
Work with inspiration. If you don't have to work in the office, you are lucky. That means that you have a freedom to chose any place that is comfortable for creation. It can be anything from a park to a hospital. You can also decorate your working space somehow. Switch on the music, watch a movie, feel free to daydream.
Manage your time. Find the time when you work most productively. Normally, that's in the hours before lunch and before dinner, but not after. After the meal people are more sleepy, so the brain works slower. As for me, I prefer to work in the night, when everybody sleeps and everything is quite and peaceful around me.
Improve your skills. The creation of something in a new, unknown sphere is like learning to play a musical instrument: to be able to improvise, you should practice a lot. The Picasso style of painting looks primitive and it is easy to copy some of his pictures, but he made a long journey in learning the technics. If you have a passion for something - get into it!

This is not a mentorship. This is just something I studied in IHAEC, noticed that it helps me and I decided to share.
The main advice is really simple: if you want to do something - just do it!

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