How To Create The Perfect Body
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Thursday 12th of March 2015 11:36:54 AM

Yesterday I was watching TV again. As you should know by now, me watching TV means me writing about it. What was this show about, you ask? The show has been given the name ‘Perfect' and it features a Belgian celebrity named Karen Damen, who tries to become the perfect woman. She gathered all kinds of articles from papers and magazines where authors state to have found THE way towards the perfect body. Every piece of paper has been glued to a wall and Karen pledges to try everything at least once in order to get this body.

Last week Karen tried something I had never heard of before: bikram yoga. Before entering, Karen was reminded to stay in the room no matter what for 40 minutes with a temperature of 40°C, while doing yoga. Karen immediately started protesting because what would happen if she had to go to the bathroom? ‘You can't open the door', said another woman. ‘But don't worry, you'll sweat so much you won't even have to go'. And boy, did they sweat. After that, she did something called Bodypulse, a technique where they strap you in some kind of armor to give you electric pulses. 20 minutes of those pulses per week equal 3 times 90 minutes of power training.

In last night's episode, Karen went to a doctor who measured and weighed her body, fat and bones. When he showed her the results, she kept on saying ‘Oh my god, this isn't possible! Is that me on that picture? No way!'. I was quite annoyed by the doctor who kept on smiling and didn't contradict her words. At the end he said she actually had to lose only 3 kg. After that, she went to some sort of ‘clinic' where she was having a lavage. She had to do cryotherapy first, so a doctor put her in a cabin with a temperature of -80°C. The lavage appeared to be quite annoying and Karen was told she had to do this another 2 times. The next day she started with superfood, food which apparently has health benefits. Karen started drinking her daily green blend that, according to her, smelled and tasted like sea and seaweed. Sounds yum!

Karen Damen doesn't care if she has the perfect body or not. She keeps on smiling and joking and that's what makes her the fun woman she is. When watching this program I thought : ‘Should we believe magazines? Is it really necessary for women to go through all these things, just so they can be the perfect woman in the eyes of society? And if they want to do this, does it make them happy?' Karen will be able to tell us all there is to know in a few more weeks, so I'll let you guys know by then!

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