How To Recover From A Pride - Big Wheel With Katinka
Author: M. G.
Thursday 23rd of May 2013 02:49:55 PM

How was the weekend after our adventure at the gay pride? Relaxing! I really needed it. Plus Monday was a Belgian national holiday and this was extremely helpful in everybody's recovering process. After a week of hard work and a parade that was superfun but... exhausting, the team enjoyed a couple of daysof relaxation or, let's say, of doing NOTHING. This involved chilling out at home during the daywatching movies or enjoying some minutes- literally minutes - of sun in the garden. Saturday evening we enjoyed the final of Eurovision together with Ayke, Tova and Elias -two previous volunteers of DAA. I had never seen the Euro contest before and I could see why.



The first moment I dared going out again was on Sunday evening. I didn't recover completely but the reason was worthy: the Sinksenfoor had just arrived in Antwerp! And obviously we, the same gay-pride-team, went there immediately. Katinka was also with us, but she was under-covered as Sanja, an EVS volunteer from Croatia. Ayke was just all over the place, out of control, asking us to do all the scariest and craziest rollercoasters. Tova was pretty much the same while Sanja stated clearly that she was afraid of almost 90% of the attractions, and me too actually. So me and Sanja decided to just have a round with the ferris wheel (or observation wheel or big wheel - ?!?) and my taking-picture-maniac personality came out again. Ayke and Tova had a round with something way faster and noisier.



We couldn't resist too long unfortunately, at 11 p.m. the bed was the only thought we were able to have, so we ended our visit pretty soon. Nonetheless the number of pictures I took was shokingly high, I must say. These are the results, which I find pretty nice. I hope you like them too!




PS: Watch the video of the DAA team going to the last year Sinksenfoor!









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