Hurray Hurray It’s International Women’s Day!
Author: Indra Moonen
Friday 8th of March 2013 12:08:21 PM


Congrats to all you women, today is your day! Put down your irons, turn off your laptops, today is the day you should enjoy and get pampered by all the men in your lives.

Since I’m a bit of a feminist I think that one day really isn’t enough to celebrate women. Women should be appreciated more on a daily basis. But since that isn’t the case, I recommend you all to take advantage of this day. Let your male colleagues make your coffee for once, let your friends treat you for a drink tonight, let your boyfriend or handsome best friend give you a massage, but more importantly: think about yourself for once. Only do the things you want to do and enjoy every minute of it. ‘Cause, we, the women of this world, deserve to have a royal existence from time to time.

So men, don’t forget to pay special attention to all women today. This also counts for the men here at DAA. Just a simple ‘congratulations’ won’t do the trick!

Happy International Women’s day, enjoy!


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