IHAEC goodbye lunch
Author: Sam Van Praet
Wednesday 21st of March 2012 10:38:07 PM


Ninette and Peke took us out for lunch today as a going away present in a nice restaurant in St. Anneke (in Antwerp's left side, meaning at the other side of the river Scheldt). First we had some delicious sandwiches -I had the Kanibaal sandwich , it’s a sandwich with raw meat called preparé. In Belgium it’s rather normal but apparently Jean-Yves finds it a disgusting thought to eat raw meat. After the sandwiches we went for a walk next to the Scheldt and it seems the sun got everyone excited. We were stunned for a moment when we saw a couple getting a bit too excited, if you know what I mean. Well euhm... let’s hope they were keeping it safe :D Afterwards we amused ourselves on the trampoline, you can see Yassin’s screwed-up attempt in the video.
Me and Yassin would like to thank Ninette and Peke for the wonderfull time, I deffinitely want to recommened the IHAEC to other students that are looking for a educative and at the same time really fun experience.
Sam and Yassin


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