Is It Raining? Watch A Movie!
Author: Saleta A. I.
Wednesday 22nd of October 2014 06:21:06 PM

For foreigners, the weather in Belgium can be a bit disturbing. On a same day it rains, the sun comes out, the wind blows... it's really 4 seasons in one day here. Since a few days, the sky seems like a huge gray wall that´s leaking water constantly. To solve this problem, since we can't go outside, we simply cuddle under the blankets and watch a movie together. We're using our free time wisely! We have a lot fun working, but when our working hours end, we continue having more fun. The best thing is when we share and compare our opinions on certain things. Next time we watch a movie I want to propose 'Kids' by Larry Clark. It's a drama that tells the story of a group of teenagers that use drugs and have sex without protection. Then you can really see the consequences of having unsafe sex. I watched this movie when I was a teenager and I must admit it was pretty impressive. This film is a wake-up call to the teens' world. It has explicit dialogues and a semi-documentary aesthetic. Reality can be scary!



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