Is Sugar The New Way Of Prevention?
Author: M. G.
Thursday 5th of September 2013 10:11:01 AM

I love science and scientists especially. They are the most amazing creatives when it comes to HIV Prevention. Researchers from the London Queen Mary's School of Engineering and Materials Science have created a synthetic molecule from sugar molecules. This new ‘glycopolymer' - this is the word - is able to prevent from the infection by the HIV virus during a sexual intercourse.

According to Dr. Remzi Becer "These are preliminary but encouraging results for potentially preventing the spread of the HIV. [...] The precisely designed macromolecules could be an ingredient of a condom cream or vaginal gel [...]. While this isn't a cure for HIV, it is a novel approach that could dramatically slow down the spread of HIV by sexual contact, and a model that could be replicated to treat other sexually transmitted diseases."

Great job guys, and keep in mind you will always have fans at DAA. We will always promote new ways of prevention. Good luck and let us know!


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