Is Talking About Health Vulgar?
Author: Dila Amalia
Tuesday 26th of May 2015 04:36:36 PM
The Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, speaks out about the use of condoms as one of the ways to prevent a HIV virus prevention. He spoke directly to the citizens and reminded all those men who like to use the service of prostitutes to always use condom, so that they won’t spread the HIV virus when they return to their family back home. What Ahok said could be judged as vulgar by the public, but Ahok deliberately spoke openly and realistically to remind people that they need to prevent HIV/AIDS from being transmitted to innocent people. And by the way, not so innocent people don’t ‘deserve’ to get infected with HIV either. That’s not for us humans to decide! This reminded me of what Brent Whittaker, the Project Manager at Bali Kids, said to us: “If we want to talk about health education, sex education and HIV/AIDS to young people, use the real words. If we’re talking about penis, say penis and don’t say it in any other phrase, for instance using the words ‘it’, ‘elephant’ or anything like that, instead of the word penis. This is what will make it a bigger taboo and it will confuse them as well.” There’s no harm in talking about health, is there? Because leading a healthy life is important and everyone should know about it! Keep healthy, happy and safe!
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