It's A Dirty Job...
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 30th of January 2013 03:23:19 PM


Everybody has to clean sometimes. Here at IHAEC that means we students have to do it to every Wednesday and honestly, I hate it. But it’s our duty and we try (if we can) to do it with a smile on our faces. “Hey Niki! Why don’t you vacuum in your room and mine too!? I’m gonna clean all the bathrooms and toilets” “Yes! For sure!” “That’s awesome, Niki, we should do it twice a week” “Yes, totally. Let’s talk about it with Ninette!”. I think that it is not going to happen, but IHAEC is our home for now, and we have to take care of it, since living and working here is giving us a lot of things in return. So, the time of complaining is over, I’m going to do the cleaning right now.


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